What’s That in Your Hand?

Are you familiar with this question and where it is found in the Bible? I felt compelled to write this blog because of the inspiring backstory to this question. If the title of this blog doesn’t ring a bell, let me refresh your memory on where that comes from because I believe there’s a message God wants you and I to take from it. Yes..YOU..in spite of your spiritual and moral failures, your numerous blunders, your inadequacies, your insecurities, your inconsistencies and your “whatever else” you want to throw on the plate. In Exodus 4:2, God asked Moses “What is that in your hand?” to which Moses replied, “A staff.” It was nothing out of the ordinary, just a piece of wood Moses probably used for protection or a crutch, or so he thought. To Moses, it was just a wooden stick but through the power of God, it would become an instrument that he would use to rock the kingdom of Pharoah to the core and bring about the deliverance of God’s people from oppression. You know the rest of the story.


Click here to listen to a song that so beautifully illustrates what that eventful dialogue might have been like. It was shared with me by a dear coworker several years ago and it has never stopped ministering to my heart. Essentially, Moses gets into an argument with God about how he couldn’t possibly be the one God would use to deliver Israel. After all, public speaking was not his forte and perhaps you have been talking back to God about all the reasons you don’t qualify for His service, haven’t you? I know you see where I am going with this and your eyes are probably welling up with tears as you read this. It’s okay..mine are too. We all argue with God at some point, don’t we?

Let me ask you a question though. What is that in your hand brother? Sister? Child of God? What gift, ability, or resource are you holding on to that God wants to use to deliver others? It’s just a “staff” in your hands but God has plans for that so-called staff you know. A sister came up to me recently after our midweek service and shared how encouraged she was by my e-mails. Originally I was sending out blogs in the form of e-mails to encourage those in the Daniel Plan that Lela and had facilitated. I had planned to stop once the 40 days of the plan was over. However, due to all the positive feedback and encouragement I had been receiving, I reasoned that perhaps the gift of encouragement was one of the “staffs” I haven’t been using to the extent I should. This website is the product of that encouragement.

Perhaps you think you don’t have any staffs in your hand and I am here to say “oh yes you do.” We all have them even though we may not yet realize it. We worship a God that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. He transformed that staff into a snake as a warning to Pharoah to leave God’s people alone, part the red sea, make water come from a rock, send plagues of judgment upon Pharoah and his people…and so much more. So my advice to you is to simply “stop arguing with God if that’s what you have been doing.” You are only delaying the great plans He has to use what He has given you for His glory and for the benefit of others. May God’s peace and strength rest with you as you prepare to throw your staff down and witness the power of God.

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